International Summer School

Have you ever thought of going to the seaside and:
  • joining a 12 day programme held in English,
  • meeting students and lecturers from all over the world,
  • joining round tables and participating in conversation with experts,
  • visiting the most successful companies, discovering the Slovenian countryside, its culture and heritage,
  • having a celebration on a boat trip along the Adriatic cost?   

The Faculty of Management Summer School is a 12 day programme held in English. It acts as a good opportunity for graduate- and postgraduate students from all over Europe to upgrade their knowledge within the field of management as well as to meet new friends from all over Europe.    

The Faculty of management international Summer School offers much more than just in-class teaching. You will also be able to enjoy the summer and at the same time learn how to do business through an interesting mixture of lectures, round tables and company visits. 

You can choose from among many challenging and intellectually stimulating undergraduate and postgraduate courses that will give you the opportunity to develop a truly global perspective rather than just a vocal viewpoint. You can earn up to 9 ECTS credits for one course, if you fulfill all requirements successfully.


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