Lifelong learning

The Faculty of Management offers non-degree courses and programs of Lifelong learning to all individuals who feel they need to acquire additional knowledge and skills. If you are looking for an opportunity for professional development, progress on professional and academic level or personal enhancement our programmes are an excellent choice.

We offer formal non-degree education in the form of individual courses that are part of accredited study programmes and courses for non-economics who need specific economic knowledge.

Non-formal forms of education are called short forms of training, in which individuals can engage (seminars, workshops, courses, round tables).

We are happy to provide training for closed groups from business, companies or tertiary sector, which are implemented as formal or non-formal forms of education on specific desired topics.

Formal non-degree courses

Depending on your interest and needs at work, you can choose to study one or more of the accredited courses. When you successfully complete the selected objects, you receive a certificate with the number of acquired ECTS. These can be later recognised upon enrolment to a study programme at the Faculty of Management. Courses can be choosen at undergraduate level 1. cycle programmes (professional and/or university) and postgraduate level 2. cycle programmes (masters). 


Non-formal education

Non-formal forms of education include:

  • Seminars – are intended for deepening of knowledge and skills.
  • Workshops – are intended for practical training on one specific topic.
  • Training courses – are dedicated to acquiring and improving knowledge in the specific field.
  • Round tables – are aimed at addressing the current issues. 

Participants receive a certificate of attendance. Obtained knowledge is valid in enrolment in study programmes in the procedure of recognition of skills.


Recognition of knowledge and skills

The Faculty of Management also recognizes knowledge and skills that individuals have acquire in different ways before the enrolment. An individual can apply for the evaluation of the acquired knowledge and skills and thus can reduce the number of courses that he must complete at the enrolled study programme.






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