About the programme

The objectives of the study programme are understanding the wider economic and social environment and globalization processes; in-depth understanding, research and development and application of theoretical knowledge in the field of economics and finance; independent research and development and professional work; critical thinking and systematically tackle the most complex interdisciplinary problems.


During their studies, graduates developed the following competences:

  • ability to understand, in particular, the economic, financial and institutional environment of an organisation, and consequently the ability to analyse that environment,
  • ability to independently use knowledge of economic and financial theory and analysis in practice.
  • ability to analyse the consequences of change in an organisation on its economic environment and consequences of change in the economic environment on an organisation
  • ability to analyse the consequences of structural, regional and international activities on an organisation and also on its wider environment,
  • ability to manage more complex research methods in order to study the effects of economic phenomena,
  • ability to understand the wider, ethical and moral framework of the economic environment and successfully deliver solutions to challenges and/or posed questions through co-operation and group work, which remains within the framework of economic and business ethics,
  • ability to design and critically address bold and innovative ideas from the business field and (co-) operation of organisations in both national and international economic environments,
  • taking responsibility for their own work and/or group work, in which students will co-operate in or lead.


Graduates are qualified to plan and implement strategic and operational plans of companies. Having theoretical and methodological knowledge, they are able of solving the most demanding economic analyses for strategic development of the company. Graduates are capable to identify opportunities and threats of economic, business, institutional and social environment of the company and therefore deploy solutions with the use of professional or scientific methods and approaches along with effective use of modern IT technology. Graduates are likely to find employment in business and other organizations, public sector, and research organizations.



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