Within the Entrepreneurship module you will upgrade your knowledge and learn about various aspects, opportunities and challenges of modern forms of entrepreneurship. Among other forms, we will discuss lifestyle entrepreneurs, self-employed, startup and scale up entrepreneurship, social, sustainable and family entrepreneurship.

During the sessions you will personally meet successful entrepreneurs, representatives of various forms of entrepreneurshi and get to know their good practices and life stories.

In the next course you will then upgrade your skills with a design thinking approach to the development of new products and services that, by working in teams with the help of modern technologies, will take you through various stages of understanding users in a real environment, their problems, interpretation, ways of generating ideas, creative solving techiques, prototyping, and the implementation of proposed solutions.

With the selective course you will take a step forward towards commercialization of your business idea and development of your unique brand, whether a new startup company or an innovative product or service. You will do it step by step, from your idea, through the development of a successful story, visible elements, their protection and implementation on market with modern marketing communication tools. You will learn how to harness the potential of the ICT and a project approach in transforming ideas and R&D into business results, that shape your new startup brand or contribute to strengthening an existing brand of innovative products or services.

Work within all courses will be carried out interactively, in the creative and innovative environment of INNOlab classroom (specially equipped innovation classrooms www.inno.si), on practical examples, in connection with real business practice or research projects, and with the involvement of successful entrepreneurs who will be sharing their knowledge and experience with students.



                               1st Year                             

     2nd Year     

Management and Organization (9 ECTS)
Obligatory courses
Business process management (9 ECTS)  Leadership (6 ECTS)
Strategic management 2 (9 ECTS)  Research methodology (6 ECTS)
Supply chain management (9 ECTS)  Master thesis (18 ECTS)
Managerial accounting (6 ECTS)
Financial management 1 (6 ECTS)  Design approach to innovation (6 ECTS)
Marketing strategies (6 ECTS)  Developing a startup company: from idea to brand (6 ECTS)
Entrepreneurial society (6 ECTS)  Legal aspects of management (6 ECTS)
  Elective course 1 (6 ECTS)
  Elective course 2 (6 ECTS)

*ECTS = Eruopean Credit Transfer System


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