Today’s business environment is constantly evolving. Globalization, new information technologies and new distribution channels are all changing the perspective of marketing and the way we sell. To compete in a global setting, we have to access new markets, confront new competitors and, most importantly, approach commercial and marketing management from a more innovative perspective.

Consumers are increasingly demanding and have access to information to help them make decisions. To fulfil their demands, companies need well-rounded professionals, with updated training in marketing, the skills to cater for an increasingly fluctuating market and the capacity to take full advantage of new technologies.

The module is designed to enable you to lead these changes and transform the market opportunities and challenges into competitive advantages for the company. The program gives you insight into the latest marketing trends and an in-depth understanding of the organizational aspects that generate business and brand value, a key factor for the growth of any organization.

The programme’s core courses bring learning from the latest research into the classroom, giving a well-rounded, critical analysis of consumer behaviour and data analytics, in the context of real business challenges. You will gain an in-depth understanding of consumer markets, based on cutting-edge research and insights in human behaviour. You will also develop your talent and expertise in data analysis, enabling you to take a strategic approach to designing and developing marketing campaigns.

This unique combination of human insight, analytical expertise and business understanding will give you the tools to create truly effective evidence-based solutions to the ever-changing marketing challenges facing businesses worldwide.



                      1st Year                    

     2nd Year     

Management and Organization (9 ECTS)
Obligatory courses
Business process management (9 ECTS)  Leadership (6 ECTS)
Strategic management 2 (9 ECTS)  Research methodology (6 ECTS)
Supply chain management (9 ECTS)  Master thesis (18 ECTS)
Managerial accounting (6 ECTS)
Financial management 1 (6 ECTS)  Brand management (6 ECTS)
Marketing strategies (6 ECTS)  Marketing communication (6 ECTS)
Entrepreneurial society (6 ECTS)  Market law - selected topics (6 ECTS)
  Elective course 1 (6 ECTS)
  Elective course 2 (6 ECTS)

*ECTS = Eruopean Credit Transfer System


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