About the programme

  • understanding theories and concepts in the fields of business planning, organizing, leading and controlling companies and other organizations
  • critical thinking and analytic solving of problems, independence and business development, innovativeness
  • understanding political, social and cultural environment in which companies and organization in Slovenia, and abroad, operate
  • leading teams and manage companies at a middle management position
  • developing lifelong learning skills and continuing study at master level


  • the ability to analyse and synthesise to find solutions and see consequences of events in the field of management, economics and business law
  • the ability to employ research methods and procedures or processes in the field of social sciences
  • the ability to think critically and self-critically in social sciences
  • the ability to apply their acquired knowledge of management, economics and law in practice
  • independence in professional work and taking sound business decisions
  • communication skills, especially in an international environment, which are acquired mainly through the inclusion of three business languages in the study programme
  • ethical reflection and determination of professional ethics in the business environment
  • collegiality between colleagues, loyalty, cooperative group work (especially in an international environment), as well as willingness to accept constructive criticism and suggestions


Graduates are employable in middle management as experts in the field of marketing, human resources management, accounting, as well as advisers with job opportunities in banking, financial services, the commercial sector, health care, public administration, service industries, and non-profit organizations. In addition, graduates are able to embark on challenging entrepreneurial careers or other occupations requiring independent professional work.

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