Enrolment for 1st cycle academic bachelor degree in Management in 2020/2021

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: The application deadline is closing on June 9, 2020.  

University of Primorska, Faculty of Management (UP FM) is publishing a Call for enrolment for Academic Bachelor′s Degree in Management in English language in Koper, Slovenia. 



Academic Bachelor′s degree in Management held in Koper in English language

Available places for

1st Year

Full time study

Part time study

EU citizens 



Non-EU citizens and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship 



The study programme will be delivered in English if there are at least 15 students enrolled.


Available places for     Full-time
 - transfer to 2nd Year 5
 - transfer to 3rd Year /



Submit your application here



First application period

Slovenian and EU citizens

12. 2. -  9. 6. 2020

Non-EU citizens1

 18. 2. - 9. 6. 2020

Second application period

Slovenian and EU citizens

20. 8. 28. 8. 2020

Non-EU citizens1

 15. 6. - 24. 7. 2020

Third application period

Non-EU citizens1

 10. 8. - 11. 9. 2020

 Supplemental term2

Slovenian and EU citizens
Non-EU citizens1

 24. and 25. 9. 2020 until noon

1 Valid also for Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship.
2 In the case that slots are still open after second/third application period

Foreign citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia who (or whose parents) are taxpayers in Slovenia, and citizens of the European Union are subject to the same application procedure and application deadlines as citizens of Slovenia.


Application period                     All applicants  1. 9. - 17. 9. 2020

3 Students who have been enrolled at other univeristies and have passed first year of studies and want to change study programme.


Candidates are requested to submit applications for enrolment in the electronic form on the eVS web portal, following the link http://portal.evs.gov.si/prijava/?locale=en.

Each candidate may submit only one application.

Please follow the relevant instructions and make sure that you enclose all relevant documents to your application.

Candidates applying with a qualified digital certificate  are required to send the admission documents by registered mail to: Higher Education Application and Information Service of the University of Primorska, Titov trg 4, 6000 Koper.

Candidates applying with a Arnes AAI authentication are required to send the admission documents by registered mail to: Higher Education Application and Information Service of the University of Primorska, Titov trg 4, 6000 Koper.

Candidates applying without a qualified digital certificate (with username and password) are required to send a printed and signed enrolment application form and the admission documents by registered mail to:  Higher Education Application and Information Service of the University of Primorska, Titov trg 4, 6000 Koper


Applicants with a foreign highschool diploma will need to have their diploma recognised i.e a decision is issued recognising his/her right to continue education in the Republic of Slovenia. This is a part of the application process, the candidate may have to submit additional documents to the university admissions office. Read more about the recognition process here.


Candidates who hold a foreign diploma (have finished their secondary education in EU countires other than Slovenia and non EU countries) are requested to submit the following documents for the application process and recognition of foreign education:

  1. Diploma of a (senior) four-year secondary school (high school): original (or copy verified by notary public is accepted) – mandatory document.
  2. Transcript of records for the last two years of completed secondary school: original transcript of records (or notarised copy) – mandatory document.
  3. Proof of English language skills at B2 level or similar.
  4. Certified Slovenian translation of the diploma: a certified translation of the diploma into Slovene language – mandatory only if the diploma was not issued in Slovenian, English, Italian or Croatian language. 
  5. Certified Slovenian translation of the Transcript: a certified translation of the transcript into Slovene language – mandatory only if the transcript was not issued in Slovenian, English, Italian or Croatian language.

PLEASE NOTE: the diploma (or other certificate) must be legalized, see more information about legalization here.


Candidates who are admitted to the study programme will receive an offer for enrolment and all the necessary instructions and deadlines for the enrolment process and an invoice for enrolment and tuition fees. Admitted candidates must completed the enrolment process by the deadlines in their offer. Please note that the enrolment deadlines are tight. In case of recognition procedures or other justified reasons the enrolment can be postponed but not later than October 30, 2020.


Enrolment and tuition fees are approved by the Management Board and published in the official pricelist of the University of Primorska. 

  • Enrolment fee for all students – 41,96 EUR.

Tuition fee for Academic Bachelor degree programme in Management in English language:

  • Full-time students from EU countries – do not pay tuition
  • Full-time students from non-EU countries* – 4.500,00 EUR per academic year

* Students who are citizens of non-EU countries pay tuition fee unless there is a bilateral agreement that specifies otherwise.


Web site where candidates can find information about the study programme:

http://www.fm-kp.si/izobrazevanje/programi_1_stopnje/management_un in Slovenian language

http://www.fm-kp.si/en/study/programmes_in_english/university_degree_programme_in_management in English language


Read also Instructions for completing the application form (in English language).

Watch video about completing the application (in English language)


before applying.

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