In Koper there are two student dormitories located in the city centre of Koper: Dijaški in študentski dom Koper and Student dorm Villa DomusThere is also another student dormitory in Portorož (about 20 km from Koper). Students can also live in private apartments where the prices for beds vary from €180 to €230 per month (including living expenses like electricity, water etc.).

Students should be aware that in our region there is a lack of low price student accommodation facilities and we can’t guarantee in which type of accommodation facility the student will be placed.


Entry into the Republic of Slovenia

The ways and conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia (RS) differ with regard to whether you are a citizen of a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA; EEA member states are the European Union's member countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland or a third-country national (all other states).

EEA citizens and Swiss nationals

A national of another EEA Member State or Switzerland may enter the RS with a valid personal identity card or passport, and does not require an entry permit (visa) or residence permit, regardless of the purpose of entering and residing in the RS (including entry for employment, study, self-employment or residence purposes).

First Residence Permit
Since May 1, 2004 EU citizens who enter the Republic of Slovenia for the first three months do not need a residence permit. After this period, however, students are required to apply for a first residence permit at the local Administrative Unit. The application should contain the following enclosures:
  • a copy of a valid identity document or passport,
  • confirmation of enrolment at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management Koper,
  • a statement of the amount of assest held during the applicant's residance in Slovenia (grant or other incomes – minimum amount required is 160 € per month),
  • a copy of the health insurance certificate (home country) or a copy of the EU health insurance card,
  • one photo,
  • a certificate of residence (contract).

Proof of sufficient means of support and health insurance certificate may need to be translated in Slovenian.

Third-country nationals

A national of a third country who wishes to enter and reside in the RS for the purposes of a tourist, business, personal or other type of visit should obtain a visa at a diplomatic mission or consular post of the RS prior to his/her entering the country.

A third-country national who is a national of a country which does not require a visa to enter the RS may enter the RS and stay in it for a definite period of time (up to three months within a period of six months, counting from the date of first entry) for one of the above-listed purposes with a valid passport.

Temporary residence permit

If you wish to enter and stay in the RS for purposes other than those permitted on the basis of your visa, you are required to be in possession of a residence permit issued in the RS, which must be obtained before entry into the RS.

A first permit for temporary residence in the RS may only be issued as a temporary residence permit. The application for the granting of the first temporary residence permit must be submitted at a diplomatic mission or consulate of the RS abroad, which shall then refer it to a competent administrative unit in the RS for consideration. In the event that all the conditions are fulfilled, the administrative unit shall issue a permit and send it to a diplomatic mission or consulate of the RS abroad, where it shall then be served to you. The first temporary residence permit must be obtained prior to entry into the RS, apart from the exceptions stipulated by law, among which:

  • researchers, college/university teachers or college/university associates with a residence permit as a researcher, a college/university teacher or a college/university associate issued in another EU member state;
  • foreign students who have resided in another EU member state on the basis of a temporary residence permit for studying purposes.

For the issue of the first temporary residence permit you are required to possess the following:

  • a valid passport (the expiry date of which exceeds the intended period of stay in the RS by at least three months);
  • health insurance covering urgent health care services in the RS as a minimum requirement;
  • sufficient means of subsistence in a monthly amount at least equal to the basic minimal income in the RS;
  • a police clearance certificate of not older than three months from your country (if the country in question issues it), translated into Slovenian, and verified;
  • an authentic photograph of yourself, and you are also required to submit two of your fingerprints at a diplomatic mission or consulate of the RS abroad for their digital capture.

Aside from these basic conditions, you are also required to fulfill other conditions depending on the purpose of your stay in the RS.

Registration of temporary residence

You are required to register your temporary residence at an administrative unit within three days of settling or being served a temporary residence permit. If you settle in an accommodation facility, your temporary residence must be registered by the proprietor. When registering your residence, you are required to attach a valid personal identity document containing a photograph and evidence that you have the right to stay at the address you are registering. Proof of ownership, a rental or an under lease agreement or the written consent of the owner or co-owners of a dwelling or the manager of an accommodation facility where the owner's consent need not be verified are deemed as evidence.

The registration of a temporary residence is valid for no longer than one year. The registration of a temporary residence must be renewed by either you or your landlord within eight days from the expiry of registration.

For relevant information please check also the website of the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior: and

Slovenian Embassies and Consulates Abroad

Slovenia has embassies and consulates in many countries around the world where one can obtain general information about Slovenia and, when necessary, apply for a Temporary Residence Permit.

A large number of countries have embassies and consulates in Slovenia to assist their citizens visiting our country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Prešernova cesta 25
SI-1001 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 (1) 478 2000
Fax: +386 (1) 478 2340

Consular services
Šubičeva 10
SI-1001 Ljubljana
T: + 386 1 478 2305
F: +386 1 478 2316


Health Care

Students have to get a health insurance certificate prior to the arrival in Slovenia.

The level of health care in Slovenia corresponds to European standards. Every foreign visitor has the right to emergency medical care. With certain countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Romania and Netherlands), Slovenia has signed conventions for the guarantee of emergency medical assistance, if the visitor submits appropriate forms. In such cases, the medical assistance is free. Further information can be obtained from the health authorities in home country.

The citizens of EU Member States can come to Slovenia with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card can also be obtained by the citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. EHIC ensures the same access to public health services, i.e. to doctors and pharmacies, as to Slovenian citizens. If you have to pay for health services in Slovenia, you will be reimbursed immediately when you return home. The card covers all necessary medical care to allow you to continue your stay in Slovenia. The card does not cover the medical services of private providers.

For citizens of other countries, before arriving in Slovenia it is best to take out international travel insurance, including health insurance. General travel insurance is also recommended for citizens of the abovementioned countries.

Further information shall be obtained from the health authorities in home country and the Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije (Slovenian Health Insurance Institute) as well.


Student Association

There is a well organized student association called ŠOUP (Študentska Organizacija Univerze na Primorskem) at the University of Primorska. ŠOUP takes care of students’ social life, as it organises cultural events and various sports activities. In the framework of ŠOUP there is also organised the ESN (Erasmus Students Network) which takes care of incoming students and helps them to integrate into a new environment. For more details visit

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