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Managing Global Transitions · ISSN 1854-6935

Digital Revolution: E-Management in the Global Economy

In the current global economy, Internet is nothing short of pervasive. Companies and public institutions all around the world are facing the challenge of incorporating ICT to their processes, strategies and structures (i.e., Internet of things, e-procurement, office automation, virtual collaboration, glocalization, enterprise-wide resource planning, or virtual integration of processes). As a result, organizations ought to learn how to ‘e-manage,’ as opposed to simply "manage", in order to survive in this digital environment. This issue welcomes those papers that contribute to understand the impact of ICT integration and provide insights about possible routes for success in the global digital economy.

Guest Editors: Susana de Juana-Espinosa, University of Alicante, Spain,
and José Luis Gascó-Gascó, University of Alicante, Spain,

This special issue will carry selected papers presented at the 2017 MakeLearn & TIIM International Conference
‘Management Challenges in a Network Economy’
in Lublin, Poland, May 17–19, 2017.

Every year the programme of this conference includes also the Editors Panel.
Management will participate as one of sponsored journals.

Deadline for paper submission: 15 March 2017
First notification: 15 April 2017
Revised paper submission: 1 May 2017
Final decision: 15 May 2017

To submit the paper, please login to the conference webpage.
Papers should be prepared according to Information for Authors.

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