Management · Volume 11 · Issue 1 · Spring 2016 · ISSN 1854-4231
Guest Editors · Piotr Trąpczyński and Łukasz Puślecki

Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Thematic Issue
Piotr Trąpczyński and Łukasz Puślecki
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A Typology of International Strategies for Hungarian Professional Sports Clubs
Miklos Kozma and Krisztina Andras
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Reshoring Trend and CEE: An Assessment of Possible Scenarios on the Example of Poland
Michał Młody
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Methodology of Research on Internationalisation Process of E-Commerce Enterprises
Magdalena Grochal-Brejdak
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Development of Modes of Cooperation: An Opportunity for Open Innovation Alliances in Polish Biopharmaceutical Industry
Łukasz Puślecki
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Open Access to Scientific Works: Axiology, History and Chosen Aspects of Copyright Solutions
Joanna Hetman-Krajewska
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