Management · Volume 11 · Issue 2 · Summer 2016 · ISSN 1854-4231

Classic or Modern? Enhancement of Job Satisfaction Scale for Green Job Workers
Oguz Basol
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The Effect of Relation-Specific Investments in the Supply Chain Triad on Innovation Performance
Andrea Gelei and Zsofia Kenesei
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Payment Discipline Depends on Management Ethics
Tanja Sirk and Maja Mesko
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Hybrid Management in Preparedness: Utilizing Cooperation and Crowdsourcing to Create Joint Performance in the Logistic Society
Vesa-Jukka Vornanen, Ari Sivula, and Josu Takala
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Qualitative Analysis of the Digital Marketing Influence on the Behaviour of the Organizational Consumer
Contantin Sasu and Daniela Ichim
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