Management · Volume 12 · Issue 4 · Winter 2017 · ISSN 1854-4231

Legal and Illegal Money Flows: Challenges and Opportunities
Birgit Burböck, Guest Editor
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How Tracking of Electronic Money Might Improve Financial Market Crisis Intervention
Dirk-Hinnerk Fischer
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Government Sponsored Venture Capital: Blessing Or Curse?
Erika Jáki, Endre Mihály Molnár, and Walter György
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The Impact of Social Norms, Trust, and Fairness on Voluntary Tax Compliance in Austria
Maria Kostritsa and Inken Sittler
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Fighting Greed with Money: How Wage Levels Impact Corruption in the Private Purchasing Sector
Gabriela De La Torre Campos, Katharina Radler, and Bramantio Utomo Saptoadi
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Dark Friendliness in Austria and Slovenia
Birgit Burböck, Anita Macek, Mladen Vuckovic, Sonja Lipar, and Štefan Bojnec
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