Management · Volume 8 · Number 1 · Spring 2013 · ISSN 1854-4231

Guest Editor's Introduction to the Thematic Issue
Josef C. Brada
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Romanian SMEs During the Crisis: Economic Results and Perceptions
Luminita Nicolescu, Irina Alina Popescu, and Ciprian Nicolescu
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Tourism Expenditures of Taiwanese and Slovenes: A Comparative Analysis
Nataša Slak Valek and Tai-Chi Wu
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Analyzing Systemic Risk in CEE Markets in 2007–2008 Financial Crisis
Renata Karkowska
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Impact of Euro Adoption on Emerging European Countries
Irena Vodenska and Lou Chitkushev
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The Dynamic Internationalization Model of Slovenian Born Global SMEs
Ina Lejko and Štefan Bojnec
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