Management · Volume 9 · Issue 2 · Summer 2014 · ISSN 1854-4231

Perception of Innovativeness in Companies and Business Environment Institutions
Wojciech Misterek and Beata Lewicka
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Supply Chain Strategy: Empirical Case Study in Europe and Asia
Ilkka Sillanpää and Sebastian Sillanpää
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Factors of Perception in Novel Food Consumption
Gabriel Lagunes Martinez and Štefan Bojnec
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The Growth Drivers of Start-up Firms and Business Modelling: A First Step toward a Desirable Convergence
Bernardo Balboni, Guido Bortoluzzi, Moreno Tivan, Andrea Tracogna, and Francesco Venier
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Prospect Theory and SERVQUAL
Birgit Burböck
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