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Armand Faganel is an associate professor in the fields of Marketing and Management, the head of the Department of Marketing, and the vice dean for Quality Assurance and PR at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska. Prior to his employment at UP, he worked for 13 years in sales and marketing for several international companies. He has more than twenty years of experience in teaching subjects related to marketing, sales, and management. He graduated and earned his master's degree in marketing from EPF UM and obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Primorska. He led the Centre for Quality and Evaluation and the Marketing Institute at UP FM. Armand is the deputy chair of the Quality Commission at the UP. As a visiting lecturer, he has been invited to various universities abroad, including eight consecutive years in Finland. He works as an expert for NAKVIS and collaborates as a foreign expert with several European quality assurance agencies in higher education. His research interests encompass theoretical and empirical studies in the broader field of marketing, quality perception, and sustainable tourism. He has conducted and led multiple internationally funded projects. His achievements are being published in international publications in the form of original scientific articles and chapters in monographs. He also reviews scientific papers for more than 30 established scientific journals. In 2018, he received university recognition for teaching excellence, and in 2022, he received faculty recognition for achievements in the field of education.


Academic year 2023/24



FAGANEL, Armand, JECL, Igor, BARUCA, Arne. (online first). The main growth strategies of telecommunication operators in the segment of SOHOs. Strategic Management: International journal of strategic management and decision support systems in strategic management.

FAGANEL, Armand, STREICHER, Anton. 2022 Social marketing as a tool for a sustainable municipal waste management. Economics and Culture, vol. 19, issue 1, str. 87-97.

FAGANEL, Armand, RIŽNAR, Igor, BARUCA, Arne (uredniki). 2021. Impacts and implications for the sports industry in the post-Covid-19 era. Hershey (PA): IGI Global, Business Science Reference.

FAGANEL, Armand, COSTANTINI, Mitja. 2020. CRM adoption factors in the gaming industry. Management: journal of contemporary management issues, no. 1, vol. 25, str. 1-23. 



Erasmus+ projekt: S.Ma.R.T (Sales Management and Relationships for Trade), 2020-1-ES01-KA203-082116, 02.11.2020 – 01.11.2022.

Erasmus+ projekt: I-THEN (International Technical Higher Education Network), 1.10.2020 – 30.9.2022.

Norway Grants Fund projekt: SOCIALNEET – From civil society organizations to social entrepreneurship: Combating and addressing the needs of NEETs (young persons Not in Education, Employment or Training), 2018-2022.

Erasmus+ projekt: AIMED - Aiming to educate by promoting the academic dimension of Erasmus+, Erasmus+ project: 2018-2021.

Erasmus+ KA2 projekt: IN.K.A.M.S. - International Key account management & Sales 2017-2018.

PKP projekt: NITAkava – Načrtovanje in izvajanje marketinških aktivnosti ob uvedbi nove blagovne znamke gourmet kave na evropski trg, Veroma d.o.o. 2016/17.


PhD, Associate Professor for Marketing

PhD, Associate Professor in Management

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