Mirko Markič

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Mirko Markič received a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, the University of Maribor. After working in the economic sector for 12 years, he started employment with the College of Management, Koper - today's Faculty of Management, the University of Primorska. He was the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and in charge of coordinating research and development activities for two terms of office. He was also involved in teaching at the University of Ljubljana, the University of Maribor, the University of Nova Gorica and the Faculty of Organization Studies in Novo mesto. He cooperated with foreign institutions: the University of Niš (Serbia), Yasar University (Turkey) and the Slovene Education Consortium (Italy). Mirko Markič is a professor of management and a research councillor. He is also a head/member of many research and entrepreneurial projects. His fields of research are administration and organization sciences - management in general and management in the field of public health service (health and safety at work).


Academic year 2022/23



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PhD, Full Professor in Management

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