Igor Stubelj

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Igor Stubelj professional expertise covers the field of corporate finance. He has extensive work experience in financing small businesses. In the research domain, he focuses on company financing sources, cost and required return on capital, and financial markets. He is employed at the Faculty of Management, where he teaches various finance courses in Slovenian and international English study programs. He also collaborates on various expert analyses and contributes to education and consultancy in the field of finance for businesses.


Academic year 2023/24



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STUBELJ, Igor, LAPORŠEK, Suzana. Risk and profitability of the Slovenian industries. International journal of sustainable economy, ISSN 1756-5804, 2021, vol. 13, no. 3, str. 261-280.

GOŠNIK, Dušan, STUBELJ, Igor. Business process management and risk-adjusted performance in SMEs. Kybernetes : the international journal of systems & cybernetics, ISSN 0368-492X, 2021, vol. , no. , 17 str.

STUBELJ, Igor, DOLENC, Primož, BILOSLAVO, Roberto, NAHTIGAL, Matjaž, LAPORŠEK, Suzana. Corporate purpose in a small post-transitional economy : the case of Slovenia. Ekonomska istraživanja, ISSN 1331-677X, 2017, vol. 30, iss. 1, str. 818-835.



PhD, Associate Profossor in Finance

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