Bachelor thesis

06-330  Bachelor thesis

first cycle academic study programme (Academic bachelor's degree) Management


Course purpose

The diploma thesis is one of the two possible ways of completing studies in the university's Management study program (applies to those enrolled up to and including 2023/2024.)
For those enrolled from 2024/2025, it is considered that the thesis represents the only conclusion of the study.

With the thesis the student shows in-depth knowledge in the field of expertise, where the problem under study is placed.
The student demonstrates the application of theoretical knowledge in practice, the ability to work independently and the ability to present the acquired knowledge and skills in writing. By oral defence in front of a commission, the student demonstrates the ability to orally present and interpret the acquired knowledge and skills.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Graduation Seminar:

  • 1st meeting - the student is acquainted with the process of completing studies and the ways of completing studies, rules, the structure of the disposition, the structure of the diploma examination.
  • 2nd meeting - defining the research problem, purpose and objectives of the research.
  • 3rd meeting - selection of appropriate research methods and methods of data collection.
  • 4th meeting - preparation of the draft proposal.

Preparation of thesis proposal and bachelor theses with the support of the mentor in accordance with the adopted rules and instructions for the design of written paper.
Presentation and defence of the thesis before the commission.

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