Business Law

06-315  Business Law

first cycle academic study programme (Academic bachelor's degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Elizabeta Zirnstein


Course purpose

  • The course purpose is that students know and understand basic principles and doctrines in the area of business law. Students will be aware of the integrity/complexity of the legal position, the rights and obligations of economic operators on the market and acquire basic knowledge for the establishment of companies and the conclusion / creation of legal transactions.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Business law: fundamental concepts of business law (companies and traders, commercial contracts), intellectual property law, competition law; legal sources of business law, institutions of business law (national, European, international).
  • Company law: definition and classification of companies; statutory characteristics of companies; Establishment of companies, court register, business registry, e-vem, AJPES. Fundamental characteristics of legal forms for the pursuit of an economic activity (sole trader, limited liability company, joint stock company), management and representation of companies, dissolution of companies.
  • Business contracts: basic characteristic of business transactions (contracts, agreements) and its regulation; conclusion of business transaction (offer and acceptance particularities of business contracts such as: negotiations, tender, auction, due diligence, legal audit, etc.
  • Specifics of the business commercial contracts on international level (sources of Law, stipulation of the applicable law; sui generis.
  • The ways of payment and insurance of payments with general institutions for strengthening the obligations (deposit, prepayment, contract penalty, pledge, security, letter of credit, bank guarantee).
  • Assignment of a claim, Set off, Assignation in business contracts.
  • Business (commercial) contracts: Sales contract, Lease contract, Agency contract, Contract for work, Shipping contract, Contract of storage, Building contract, Licence contract, Modern types of contracts.
  • Resolving of business disputes with arbitration or mediation. Resolving of the disputes between contracting parties on an international level.


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