Basics of healthcare economics

05-329  Basics of healthcare economics

first cycle professional study programme (Professional bachelor's degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Patricia Blatnik


Course purpose

  • Understand the foundations of health economics and the functioning of health organisations.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Definition of the field

  • Economics and healthcare economics
  • Basic principles of economics and basic principles of healthcare
  • Integration of the basics of economics with healthcare
  • Levels of healthcare

Healthcare providers

  • Entities in healthcare
  • Definition of healthcare providers
  • Types of healthcare providers
  • Elements of the health sector

Demand in the healthcare system

  • The basis of demand in healthcare
  • Elasticity of demand in healthcare
  • Incentives on the side of demand
  • Demand in health insurance

Supply in the healthcare system

  • Production of health
  • Production of healthcare services
  • Utility
  • Healthcare costs
  • Incentives on the side of supply
  • Supply in health insurance

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