Entrepreneurial acting

05-316  Entrepreneurial acting

first cycle professional study programme (Professional bachelor's degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Mitja Ruzzier, Assoc. Prof. Jana Hojnik


Course purpose

  • The main purpose is for students to learn about issues related to entrepreneurial activity and business creation. We will encourage students to think about setting up their own businesses. The purpose is also to integrate basic knowledge gained primarily from other compulsory subjects, as well as linking knowledge from different fields and its use in the business environment and the development of skills and knowledge in the use of knowledge in one's own or group project.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • The definition and views of entrepreneurship: definitions of business modelling and other views of entrepreneurial behaviour related to lean start up methodology.
  • Business idea and business model: creativity and business idea, analysis of industry and competition, marketing plan, financial plan, organisational plan and human resource management, sources of finance, other elements of the business model.
  • Investigation and evaluation of the possibility of realization of the business idea on the selected market.
  • Business cases in entrepreneurship.
  • Selected topics from entrepreneurship.

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