Legal aspects of management – selected topics

70-124  Legal aspects of management – selected topics

third cycle Doctoral degree study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Nahtigal


Content (Syllabus outline):

The study area presents the analyses of the constitutional and international bases of the legal regulation of corporate and employment relations between the employers and the employees in the private and in the public sector. Aside the legal regulation the analyses focus also to the scientific findings and the messages of court decisions. The analyses on this ground deals with the principles and rules of corporate law and of the individual and collective employment law and methods of their use in the process of checking of the quality of legal regulation and the implementation of the regulation in practice.
The specific topics of the deeper study in the area of the employment relations is the analyses of the legal tools which may be used for the prevention and resolution of the interest and legal disputes between the employees and employers.
The analyses of the legal tools which may be used to understand management in public sector (wage system, promotion etc,.)
The analyses of the key features of corporate decision-making process in the post-transition corporations, the comparison of these features with the decision-making processes and the behavior of the most developed corporations in the EU, US and other most developed countries in the world. The protection of small shareholders from the corporate, institutional and development aspect.
The legal aspects of innovativeness,  question of allocation of rights and duties among the participants in innovation processes. The question of ownership of the results and compensation of workers for their innovative efforts.
The processes of the unification and harmonization of the rules of the International Business Law and its importance for the decision making and management of  Business Companies, particularly on the filed of international sale of goods, intellectual property and international commercial arbitration;

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