Professional development work 2

63-011  Professional development work 2

second cycle Master degree study programme Law for management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Jasna Auer Antončič


Professional development work 2 (SRD2) consists of:

  • SRD2 presentation and consultations (3 hours).

Mandatory activities (2 ECTS):

  • Workshop 2A (D2A)

Research design (problem definition and theoretical basis, hypothesis-thesis and research questions, data set, methodological approach, assumptions and limitations, expected results, expected professional or scientific research contribution).

Students get the task to develop a research design.

(4 hours + 24 hours of independent student work).

  • Workshop 2B (D2B)

Teacher comments the students research designs, show mistakes and proposes improvements.

(4 hours + 12 hours of independent student work).

  • Workshop 2C (D2C)

Students present their work on a professional conference UP FM or research seminar UP FM.

(4 hours).


Selective activities (1 ECTS):

  • partecipation on UP FM workshops and seminars,

  • active participation on conferences and round tables on FM and elsewhere,

  • participation in research and development projects in FM,

  • publication and presentation of proffesional posts and articles on FM seminars,

  • participation in FM and professional educational work,

  • exceptional professional and academic achievement,

  • participation in university reading seminars and

  • tutoring.

  • (25 hours of independent student work).

    Each student maintain a summary folder (portfolio) in which he collect his works for SRD and proof s of participation in SRD activities and other.

    Completed activities must be to be in the area of ​​study and in accordance with the Criteria for SRD.

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