Strategic management 2

60-303  Strategic management 2

second cycle Master degree study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Biloslavo


Course purpose

To train students to critically evaluate and apply different models of strategic management within four strategic dimensions: process, context, content and mission, and thus to train them for later professional and research work in the field of strategic management.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Core elements of strategic management: Strategic Management: process, context and content. Strategic paradoxes (dualities).
  • Strategy design: Stakeholder theory. Vision and mission development. Planned vs. Emergent strategy.
  • External Analysis: Industry Analysis & Trends, VUCA environment, PEST Analysis, 5 Forces Analysis.
  • Internal Analysis: Competitive Advantage, Core Competence, Organizational Structure, Process, Culture.
  • Designing Business Level Strategies: Cost Leadership, Differentiation.
  • Designing Corporate Level Strategies: Diversification, Vertical Integration, Portfolio vs Synergy, BCG Matrix.
  • Network Level Strategies: Alliances, Joint Ventures, Competition vs Cooperation, Organizational Dependencies.
  • Strategic innovation: Incremental vs. Disruptive innovation. Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Strategy Implementation & Strategic Change: Strategy Implementation, Strategic Change and organization identity, strategy and digital technology.
  • Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility: sustainable business models.





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