Supply Chain Management

60-304  Supply Chain Management

second cycle Master degree study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Klemen Kavčič


Course purpose

Students evaluate the purchasing strategies in order to understand collaboration between the organizations in supply chains. Students design outsourcing strategies and argue connections between the outsourcing providers.
Students analyse and calculate the Takt time model and analyse cycle time model according lean supply chain. Students recognize and explain “non-add value” activities in the process of supply chain.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Modern concepts in supply chain management.
  • Importance of strategic thinking in supply chain management.
  • Different types of collaboration between the organization (based on interest, contract, and ownership).
  • Outsourcing strategies (operation level vs. strategic level).
  • Takt – Time & Cycle Time model – “one piece flow”.
  • Type of risks and lean supply chain.
  • Purchasing portfolio matrix (Kraljič) and supplier’s strategies.





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