60-309  Leadership

second cycle Master degree study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Ana Arzenšek


Course purpose

The purpose of the course is to develop the student's ability to understand the multifaceted role of leaders, their leadership style, and to interpret and apply central skills related to different leadership tasks and situations.

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Presentation of basic leadership definitions
  • Leadership Vs. management
  • Trait theories of leadership (i.e. Leadership traits, Personality traits, Emotional intelligence in leadership)
  • Emphatic/ active listening skills
  • Behavior theories of leadership (i.e. Autocratic leaders, Democratic leaders, Laissez – faire leaders, Person – task leadership orientation)
  • Persuading and influencing skills in leadership
  • Effective conflict management skills and  feedback giving skills in leadership (i.e. Framing, I messages, Behavior based feedback, Sandwich messages)
  • Contingency theories of leadership (i.e. Fiedler‘s contingency theory, Path-goal theory)
  • Transactional leadership (i.e. Leader-member exchange theory)
  • Transformational leadership  (i.e. Transformational leadership approach, Role of vision in transformational leadership, Charismatic leadership)
  • Ethical dilemmas in leadership (e.g. unethical behaviour by leaders, Gender issues in leadership
  • Trust building skills in team leadership
  • Ethical leadership theory (Authentic leadership, Sustainable leadership, Spiritual leadership)
  • Contemporary leadership roles (i.e. Team leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Online leadership)
  • Selection and training for leadership positions
  • Evaluation of leadership in organisational behaviour model (Evaluation of leadership approaches )





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