UP FM Student Council Elections

3/31/2021 9:00 AM | Fakulteta za management, Koper, online lecture




On March 8th 2021, the Electoral Commission met and reviewed the received candidacies for the elections of ŠS UP FM. The Commission reviewed all 15 applications received on time.

All candidacies received were confirmed, there were no incomplete candidacies.

Candidates for the elections to the Student Council of the Faculty of Management are:
1st year: Rebeka Žarković, Anže Boršnak

2nd year: Veronika Žarković, Višnja Šiljić

3rd year: Una Stojković, Benjamin Kralj

Graduates: Vitjan Robi Bužan, Adimir Preradović, Gregor Gulič, Alen Jazbec

Postgraduate studies: David Knez, Matej Kekič, Tim Šuštar, Urška Orel, Marinka Jakomin


Elections will be held

Online | March 31st 2021 | from 9 am to 5 pm

Faculty of management | ZOOM



All FM students have the active and passive right to vote (vote and be elected) in elections for SS UP FM, except in cases specified in the Rules on the Election of UP Faculty Student Council Members of the Faculty of Management and the appointment of student representatives to bodies and commissions and working groups. bodies of the University of Primorska and UP Faculty of Management.

The student presents himself at the polling station with a valid student card or a valid certificate of enrollment together with an identity document. No student who proves himself with a valid document may be denied the right to vote, even if he is not on the register of enrolled students. In such a case, the electoral committee shall enter the member in the register of enrolled students.

Every student has the right to vote for all registered candidates for the elections in ŠS UP FM in the year in which he is enrolled. Among all the candidates in a particular year, a student can vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies.


There are 12 places in the Student Council:

  • 2 places for the 1st year of undergraduate study,
  • 2 places for the 2nd year of undergraduate study,
  • 2 places for the 3rd year of undergraduate study,
  • 3 places for undergraduate graduates,
  • 3 places for graduate students.

If there are no candidates for any of the above-mentioned positions, the position shall be left to the unelected candidate with the largest number of votes. In the event that a sufficient number of students do not run for election, as specified in the rules, the call for elections shall be re-published.


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