Guest lecturer: Issue of environmental citizenship in the post COVID-19 era

3/30/2022 4:30 PM | Fakulteta za management, Koper, Lecture room 10

guest lecturer 



Dr. Anna Mravcová
(Institute of marketing, trade and social studies Faculty of economics and management,

Slovak university of agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia) 

will present to the students a lecture about



ZOOM | April 1st 2022 | at 4.30 PM

Faculty of management | Lecture rom 10



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With a certain degree of idealization, we could mark 2019 as a year of environmental awakening or a year of environmental citizenship. The increasing impacts of the environmental crisis have led to mass activism and worldwide demonstrations against the lack of active approach of the political elites towards the environment, but also against the carelessness of individuals. However, this positive development has changed significantly since the beginning of 2020 as a result of the global spread of a new and imminent threat. The lecture focuses on analysing the concept of environmental citizenship and various views on it, as well as on examining the essence of the environmental citizenship and analyses its rapid rise over the year 2019. Consequently, we will discuss how the manifestations of the newly and massively acquired sense of belongness to the planet have changed with the emergence of the global pandemic. We will then also discuss how the COVID-19 generally influenced the environment and what is the needed task for environmental citizens in the post COVID-19 era. 


Anna Mravcová has a master degree in Political Science and a PhD. in Political philosophy which she finished her studies at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra in 2012. Since this year, she is an assistant professor at the Institute of marketing, trade and social studies, at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. She teaches courses of International Relations, Theory of Politics, Sociology, Sociology for economists and managers (all also in English), Basis of Political Science, Environmental policy, Policy of global inequality and Multiculturalism where she focuses her teaching also on the global problems and environmental sustainability in a significant extent. She was and is the researcher and administrator for several domestic as well as international educational and research projects and also other activities, mostly focused on sustainable development, global citizenship and environmental crises as, for example, the active

The lecture will be delivered as part of the subject ''Sustainable management of natural resources'' in the Postgraduate Programme Management with Assoc. prof. Aleksander Janeš, PhD


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