Guest lecturer: Open data - the raw materal of the 21st century for the development of innovative digital solutions

3/18/2021 1:00 PM | Fakulteta za management, Koper, online lecture

guest lecturer 



Aleš Veršič, M.Sc.

will present to the students a lecture about


the raw material of the 21st century for the development of innovative digital solutions


ZOOM | March 18th 2020 | at 1 PM

Faculty of management | ZOOM



Aleš Veršič, M.Sc., will present to students what open data is, why open data, how to access open data, open data ecosystem and why data is the driving force of digital society development with some examples of using open data.

Did you know that Slovenia is in 10th place in the OECD OurData Index? Slovenia jumped from 19th to 10th place in 2019. 

My main job is managing IT projects in the Slovene government. I am currently leading two projects, namely the renovation and development system to opening the data of the public sector, and the second project is related to the development of the Geographic Information System platform.

Aim of our open data team is to create a modern system of open data, which would be a backbone of the Open Data Ecosystem of Slovenia and I am humbled and honored to lead this team.

In the past, I have successfully carried out a pilot project to establish an environmental spatial data quality control system at the Environment Agency, based on the ISO 19113 and 19114. I and my team have successfully set up an environmental spatial data distribution system and the Atlas of the Environment.

All of these are experiences that are useful for my current work and form the foundation of my knowledge in the field of data opening.

The achievement I am most proud of is the renovation of the public sector data opening system and the establishment of the Slovenian open data ecosystem, whereas a project manager I and my excellent colleagues managed to place Slovenia among the more advanced countries within the EU and OECD countries.

In my work, I always push the boundaries, because that's the only way we develop new things. My passion for sports can also be felt here. In the past, I was an amateur underwater hockey player. This is a very contact aggressive sport that teaches you to think fast - constantly looking for new solutions. The same is true in all areas.

That is why I try to look for new frontiers in my work, because only in this way can we achieve development, especially in the state administration, which is highly regulated by rules and laws. That's why I always look for new solutions with my colleagues, and we can also tear down a wall that seemed invincible at first glance.

Because I am a geographer at heart, I am also very close to the spatial representation of the environment in which we live. Therefore, I had the honor to be able to lead a group of exceptional collaborators with whom we established the GIS portal. Among other things, we opened old military maps "Spezialkarte der Oesterreichischen-Ungarnischen Monarchie" on a scale of 1: 75,000 from 1880 and 1914 and part of the Franciscan cadastre from the period 1818-1828. In this way, we enabled Slovenian citizens easier access to archival data from Slovenian history.


The lecture will be delivered as part of the subject ''Creative intelligence and innovation'' in the Undergraduate Programme Management with Prof. Borut Likar, PhD.



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