Guest lecturer: International taxation of companies

1/8/2019 4:30 PM | Faculty of Management, Koper, Trg Brolo 12, lecture room B8

guest lecturer 



Mag. Rosana Dražnik,
international tax consultant



Lecture title:


The lecture will be in English with a translation into Slovene.


Koper ǀ 8 January 2019 ǀ at 4:30 pm
Faculty of Management ǀ Trg Brolo 12 ǀ lecture room B8




Guest lecturer Rosana Dražnik, a tax law magister and tax consultant in Finera, consulting daily deals with tax wedges in the field of taxation of companies and persons. It fully supports the customers in the accounting and tax areas that are important for them. During her work, she has accumulated a lot of experience in tax procedures. She is publishing articles from the tax field at home and abroad, and is a lecturer in Slovenia and abroad. Among other things, she is also co-author of an international publication on the subject of VAT.


The content of lectures:

  • How to eliminate international double taxation
  • What can a foreign country be taxed if we do business there via a business unit
  • What can be taxed by a foreign country, if we do business there via a subsidiary
  • Every company has more options to arrive on a foreign market, which one to choose
  • What to do if you encounter tax havens in your business


The lecture will be delivered in the framework of the Master's Degree in Economics and Finance, double degree with the Moscow State University Lomonosov, in the subject Taxes and Tax Policy, delivered by doc. dr. Tatjana Horvat.



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