Guest lecturer: Links between AJPES and FURS

1/9/2019 4:30 PM | Faculty of Management, Koper, Trg Brolo 12, lecture room B8

guest lecturer 



Mag. Sandi Kravanja,
Head of the Agency AJPES Koper



Lecture title:


The lecture will be in English with a translation into Slovene.


Koper ǀ 9 January 2019 ǀ at 4:30 pm
Faculty of Management ǀ Trg Brolo 12 ǀ lecture room B8




About lecture

The guest from the practice will present the following links between AJPES and FURS:  

  • the purpose of submitting the annual reports of business entities for tax purposes;
  • an example of the pledged movable property in the register of pledged movables, how the FURS appears as a creditor and also as an executor;
  • how AJPES informs which sole proprietors are taxed on the basis of the established profit with respect to the normalized expenditure;
  • how at the opening of s.p. the entrepreneur may authorize the AJPES referent at the VEM to submit an application for the submission of tax information to the competent FURS office;
  • which AJPES registers are linked to the Register of Taxpayers (Business Register of Slovenia, Register of Actual Owners).

The lecture will be delivered in the framework of the Master's Degree in Economics and Finance, double degree with the Moscow State University Lomonosov, in the subject Taxes and Tax Policy, delivered by doc. dr. Tatjana Horvat.



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