Guest lecturer: STARTUP ENTREPRENEURSHIP - the story of FlexyTeam

2/21/2020 9:00 AM | Fakulteta za management, Koper, Trg Brolo 12, INNOlab

guest lecturer 



Maja Križmančič, MBA
Flexyteam ltd.


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Koper ǀ February 21th 2020 ǀ 9.00 AM
Faculty of Management ǀ Trg Brolo 12 | INNOlab




  Maja Križmančič, MBA, is an experienced hospitality expert with more than 20 years in the industry on a national and international level. In 2017 she made the bold career move to focus on an online market network development. Flexyteam is a specialised online market network for connecting job seekers and job providers in the art of events, hospitality & travel business.

“I find human capital beneficial across society, it’s a reflection of time and local culture, tradition, state of mind and heart of every individual who gets in touch with a traveller.


The story, experience, idea and hard path towards success of a startup will be presented by director and founder at Flexyteam ltd., Maja Križmančič. 

The lecture will be delivered as part of the subject ''Real entrepreneurship stories'' in the Undergraduate Management Programme with Doc. dr. Jano Hojnik.

The lecture will be held in English as part of Interreg Nuvolak2 project.



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