26th WEHIA 2023 Regular Annual Conference co-organised by UPFM

The 26th Annual WEHIA 2023 Conference runs from 22 to 24 June 2023, co-organised by the Catholic Institute, the Faculty of Law and Business (FPPV), and the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska (UPFM).

The Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA) 2023 brings together researchers from a wide range of scientific fields. The participants, coming from all over the world, were welcomed by the representatives of the organisers, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Business Studies, assist. prof. Mitja Steinbacher, the Dean of the UP Faculty of Management, assoc. prof. Tatjana Horvat, the Vice-Dean of the UP Faculty of Management, assoc. prof. Ana Grdović Gnip and prof. Giulia Iori, the President of the ESHIA. The keynote speakers of the conference were assoc. prof. Tiziana Assenza (Toulouse School of Economics), prof. Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld University), and dr. Robert L. Axtell (George Mason University).


On the photo from left to right: assoc. prof. Ana Grdović Gnip (Vice-Dean of UPFM and Vice-Chair of the WEHIA 2023 Organising Committee), assist. prof. Mitja Steinbacher (Dean of the of the Faculty of Law and Business Studies and the Chair of the WEHIA 2023 Organising Committee), assoc. prof. Tatjana Horvat (Dean of the Faculty of Management and Vice-Chair of the WEHIA 2023 Organising Committee) and prof. Giulia Iori (the President of the ESHIA).

WEHIA 2023 is a unique opportunity to present and discuss the latest research on various aspects of agent-based modelling, such as the use of behavioural heuristics, complex networks, micro-level interactions, and macro-level patterns, evaluation and calibration of agent-based models.

On the photo: assoc. prof. Tatjana Horvat in assist. prof. Mitja Steinbacher

Research from various fields - economics, psychology, sociology, environment, computer science, engineering, physics, and up to the interdisciplinary fields of artificial intelligence - can prove useful in developing new insightful approaches to key issues such as the origins, development, and mitigation of economic growth, financial volatility, digital currencies, climate change, income and wealth distribution, as well as issues such as the evolution of culture, the spread of information, the emergence of violence and many others.

On the photo: assoc. prof. Tiziana Assenza

UPFM lecturers also participate in individual conference sessions. The Dean of UPFM, assoc. prof. Tatjana Horvat with the paper "The changes in M&A transactions due to the trade dispute between China and the USA" (authors Tatjana Horvat, Phillip Windischbacher, and Vito Bobek) in Section 6C, Energy, Climate Policy & Trade, and Jan Frančeškina young researcher at UPFM, with the paper "Impact of tourist vouchers on the efficiency of the Slovenian hospitality sector" (authors Jan Frančeškin and Štefan Bojnec) in Section 10D, Health, Environment & Tourism.

The conference allows researchers from different institutions, universities, and countries to share their latest research, ideas, discoveries, and innovations. Participants are able to gain first-hand insights into the latest trends and approaches in their fields and valuable knowledge. The conference is an excellent opportunity to make new connections and network with other researchers, experts, and participants from the same or related fields. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity for inspiration and motivation, as networking with other researchers working in similar fields can enhance passion for the work and stimulate new ideas.

The conference gathered participants from all over the world. For the excellent organisation, outstanding effort, and preparedness, thanks are due to the Chair of the Committeeassist. prof. Mitja Steinbacher, Vice-Chair assoc. prof. Tatjana Horvat, Vice-Chair assoc. prof. Ana Grdović Gnip as well as to all the expert colleagues and lecturers who contributed with their participation to the excellent conference.

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WEHIA 2023

Thursday, June 22, 2023 | FM | Research

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