A creative career as a young researcher - apply for the Young Researcher Call 2024!

The University of Primorska published a call for young researchers at the University of Primorska in 2024. One position is also open at the UP Faculty of Management (UP FM).

Everyone's career path is roughly mapped out when they choose their course of study. After graduation, most of us face finding our first job and building our career path. Faculties offer creative, varied, and challenging careers in a variety of forms, including as a young researcher. Researchers have a wide range of skills to succeed in their roles. They include critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, decision-making, planning, organizing, and communication skills. Therefore, becoming a young researcher is a great opportunity to develop your skills and abilities.

In 2024, the University of Primorska is offering five vacancies for young researchers to train as researchers and pursue doctoral studies at UP, based on a full-time employment contract for up to four years. The candidate must have an average grade of at least 8.00 in all exams and coursework in the second-level study programme (the grade of the Master's thesis is also taken into account). If at the time of concluding a contract the candidate is enrolling in the second or third year of a third[1]cycle study programme, the average grade of all examinations and coursework of the second[1]cycle study programmes shall not be deemed relevant.

Candidates may apply for training with the following mentors, in the following research fields and the framework of the UP parent research programmes. One young researcher will be selected for each mentor:

Only one candidate can be selected per mentor. In the event of a higher number of candidates, they shall be ranked by the sum of the points scored. The best candidate with the highest points score will be selected. If two candidates achieve the same number of points, priority shall be given to the candidate of the underrepresented sex in a particular research field, insofar as the research field is characterised by an imbalance of UP researchers by sex (more than 60 %/40% in favour/disadvantage to one sex).

Candidates submit applications and annexes in electronic format (scanned documents in PDF format) to the e-mail address: razpis.mr@upr.si by June 15, 2024 (fifteenth of June 2024), by the end of the day.

Call text is published here: Call for Young Researchers at the UP in 2024

Application form: UP-MR-Application/2024  (.docx, 57 KB)


On 23 February 2023, a workshop entitled Career Opportunity: entering university as a young researcher was held at UP FM for students interested in a career as researchers. Many students and young graduates find it difficult to imagine the possible career paths and opportunities available to them. To make things a little easier, a young researcher from the UP Faculty of Management, Asist. Jan Frančeškin presented the entire Young Researchers Programme. The workshop gave participants an overview of the possibilities and ideas on how to plan their career. Directions from Asist. Jan's presentations were intended as guidelines that can encourage students to think about what best suits their abilities, interests, and values. Read more about the workshop HERE.


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