A look back at studies trough the eyes of UPFM ALUMNI

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, the UP Faculty of Management organised a relaxed discussion with UPFM graduates within the framework of the project "Green, Digital and Inclusive UP (GDI UP)", where we looked at studies through the eyes of the UPFM Alumni. The event was moderated by prof. Mitja Ruzzier, Head of the UPFM Department of Entrepreneurship.

The Alumni Club of the UP Faculty of Management is building up and we are looking forward to welcoming more new members soon to share their career experiences with us. Alumni members are part of our faculty and recruiting them is a way of keeping in touch with past generations and their achievements. This helps to preserve the Faculty's traditions, identity, and values and strengthens the sense of belonging among members. Their experience enables them to offer valuable advice, share their career paths and help shape the careers of others. This can be extremely beneficial for the development and growth of other students and the Faculty.

Studying at UPFM offers the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that are important at both professional and personal levels. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, communication skills, and teamwork. During the study process, important connections can be established with professors, classmates, and other professionals in the field of study. These connections can be useful in finding a job, mentoring, or further professional development. It is important that graduates are aware of their competences, present them confidently and actively seek opportunities to apply them in the workplace. By properly integrating the acquired competences, they can increase their employability and develop in their career.

The participants of our conversation, Kristina Furlanič (a graduate of the Academic Bachelor in Management programme, and a student of the Master programme in Management in Law), Mirza Hajdarević (a graduate of the Master programme in Sustainable Development Management), and Zlatko Gombar (a graduate of the Professional Bachelor in Management, and a graduate of the Master programme in Political Science), recognised the competences they had acquired during their studies at the UPFM and related them to the requirements of their work environment. However, graduates are aware that work environments are constantly changing, so it is important to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the field in which they work. They continuously upgrade their knowledge and keep abreast of new technologies, practices, or working methods, knowing that the latter will help them to be competitive and to integrate the acquired competences into modern work processes. The question of Artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace also came up during the discussion. The perception and sense of uncertainty that graduates may feel about the role of AI are understandable, as AI is having an increasing impact on work processes, and many tasks that were previously carried out solely by human labour may now and in the future be taken over by AI. It is crucial that graduates remain flexible and keep learning. Job roles are likely to change with the development of AI, so it is important that they are able to adapt to new requirements.

When they "looked back" on their studies, they commented that the UPFM had provided them with knowledge, skills, and competences that they could use in their professional lives and they felt prepared for the challenges they faced after graduation. Participants also often recall lecturers and mentors who had a significant impact on their education. The quality and dedication of lecturers and their ability to encourage and inspire students are key factors that have shaped their outlook on their studies. Positive experiences with professors and mentors left a lasting impression and provided them with valuable sources of knowledge and inspiration.

Seeing studies through the eyes of alumni is very useful, as it presents the perspective of those who have already completed their education and gained experience in the real world.


Have you graduated from UP FM but are not yet a member of the Alumni Club? Or maybe you graduated quite a few years ago and you don't receive the UP FM newsletter or information but would like to?




Friday, June 16, 2023 | FM | Education

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