Celebrating 15 years of Enterprise Europe Network, CRPZ UP is one of the network partners of Slovenia

Celebrating 15 years of Enterprise Europe Network, CRPZ UP is one of the network partners of Slovenia

These days, the Enterprise Europe Network (#EENCanHelp), a network of over 450 centres from more than 40 countries, with around 4000 experienced professionals, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. One of the partners in the Slovenian network of the consortium is the Center for knowledge development and transfer of University of Primorska, based at the UP Faculty of Management. As part of the celebrations, they are also launching the #EENis15 campaign to raise awareness about how small businesses can benefit from EEN services and to promote the work of the network. This campaign organizes a number of events throughout the year (>> Events <<). 

The EEN network has helped 4.2 million small businesses to innovate and grow internationally, including over 100 so far, thanks to the expertise of the UP CRPZ.

Recently, CRPZ UP has helped to write success stories with Akrobat d.o.o., a company that successfully entered the Swedish market with trampolines, and with the "Sončni grič" (Sunny Hill), which, with the help of the Centre, has enjoyed project success with the European Climate Initiative - EUKI.

Enterprise Europe Network remains the largest network in the European Union providing expertise and services to businesses, universities, research organisations, technology centres, and other business and innovation institutions. Likewise, CRPZ UP, as one of the partners, remains a trusted partner committed to creating synergies and support between knowledge providers and enterprises, developing the research and innovation capacities of enterprises, and fostering technological cooperation, through its work in the follow-up project cycle until 31 July 2025.

Anyone with an idea, an initiative or just an interest is welcome to contact us: crpz@upr.si and celebrate with the EEN Network!


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | FM | International Cooperation

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