Disseminating digital business with I.D.E.A. project

On Thursday, November 30, 2023, the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Tourism Studies, University of Primorska, partners in the IDEA project, held a dissemination event.  

Prof. Anita Trnavčević, Project Manager at UP, presented the project and highlighted its purpose, objectives, and, above all, results. Assoc. Prof. Aleksandra Brezovec presented the content aimed at training employees in small and medium-sized enterprises. She presented a television programme produced during the project and two scenarios related to the innovation of the business model towards digital internationalisation. Prof. Roberto Biloslavo presented the Guidelines for Digital Internationalisation together with the IDEA Canvas tool developed for the project.

The basic idea of the project, to train coaches to become coaches in companies, attracted the interest of the participants. The discussion at the end of the presentations showed both the benefits of the project and the possibilities for using the materials in companies. Participants highlighted the usefulness of the project results, as "everything is gathered in one place and we don't have to send our employees to each course separately". "The easiest way is to send employees out on courses, but this does not have the optimal effect for the company. But if you have a tool for internal use, you train and motivate employees to digitise and internationalise at the same time. This changes the organisational culture and increases competitiveness."

Participants liked that "the course allows you to get blockchain badges that can be used for promotion on social networks". Students would like to learn and test their knowledge through scenarios during their studies.

Participants pointed out that the term 'TV programme' is misleading in terms of expecting a regular TV show and that the content will be in several parts. This reminder will be useful when designing new projects.





Disseminating digital business with I.D.E.A. project

Friday, December 1, 2023 | FM | International Cooperation

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