Dr. Dubravka Celinšek on TV show Good Morning on the scientific language of management

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the Head of the Department of Foreign Business Languages at UPFM, dr. Dubravka Celinšek, was a guest on the Good Morning show, where the professional-scientific language of management (behaviour or management) was discussed.

»We always start from definitions and it is very difficult to find a term that really reflects the whole definition, even in one word. That's why we often end up with two-word descriptions, which are not as economical as one-word descriptions. « - dr. Dubravka Celinšek

You can watch the video HERE

Dubravka Celinšek is a Assistant Professor of English and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages for Business. She is also a tutor to students with special needs. She teaches Business English 1, Business English 2 and Business English 3 to undergraduate students. She received her BA in Slovene and English from the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana) and her MSc in Management in Education from the Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2020 she received her doctoral degree in Translation Studies from the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana), defending her doctoral thesis on Terminological Borrowing from English in Management. Her research interest includes problem-based learning and management terminology, namely linguistic borrowing in technical and scientific texts. Within the group of teachers at the SALTSP and at the University of Primorska, she was involved in designing language policy. She is also a member of the Slovenian Academy of Management and an associate member of the Department of Management at the Faculty of Management.


Thursday, June 15, 2023 | FM | International Cooperation

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