The fifth generation of doctors and dentists completed the Leadership Competence Programme this month

This month, the fifth generation of doctors and dentists completed the Leadership Competence Programme for Doctors and Dentists. The Faculty of Management is also participating in the programme. The Leadership Competences for Doctors and Dentists programme ended at the end of the week (13 and 14 January) with presentations of project assignments and the awarding of certificates. Our colleague, Assoc. Prof. Elizabeta Zirnstein moderated the project presentations, and the presentation and award ceremony was also attended by the Dean of the UP Faculty of Management, Assoc. Prof. Tatjana Horvat.

Due to the challenging environment, Slovenian healthcare today more than ever needs leaders who are able to accept new challenges, respond appropriately, adapt, implement change and, above all, have a vision and the ability to " transfer it" to the organisation and its employees. Acquiring new knowledge and skills and further developing the leadership competencies already acquired is the core purpose of the lifelong learning programme "Leadership Competences for Doctors and Dentists". The programme is designed for doctors and dentists who are or will be in leadership positions in healthcare organisations with the purpose and vision to lead them on a path of quality, efficiency and long-term success. Doctors and dentists who take on leadership roles in their organisations have not been trained during their medical studies to successfully perform managerial tasks, where key skills are in work planning, leadership, motivation, organising and controlling processes, teamwork and communication, etc.

The programme was designed by experts from the Institute for Health Management Development in collaboration with higher education teachers from the UP Faculty of Management and other partners. The UP Faculty of Management participates in the programme as a leading partner, alongside the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Sigmund Freud University of Ljubljana, the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and others. By establishing continuous education for medical managers to acquire key management skills, we aim to improve the leadership, management and organisation of healthcare organisations and contribute to the quality of healthcare services.

Assoc. Prof. Elizabeta Zirnstein, Programme Coordinator at UP FM

Director of the Master's Degree Programme in Law for Management.

Saturday, January 14, 2023 | FM | Research

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