Focus groups for study programmes improvement

We would really love to hear your opinion on the study programme you are attending. We are aware that our view of the programme can often be different from yours, which you live and breathe every day through the study process, so with the help of focus groups we want to obtain this information and thus improve study programmes for generations to come (and a bit also for those of you who have a few more years of study ahead ).

We would be extremely happy if you could share a few minutes with us and be part of a focus group that will significantly contribute to the higher quality of programmes and the study process. By applying in the form below, you will subsequently receive a link to the ZOOM session, where your focus group will take place.

Focus groups will be formed for each program and year separately. By applying via the form below, you express your willingness to be included in the group. If there will be too many applications within your group, we will randomly select those who will be invited to participate. The deadline to apply expires on FRIDAY, May 14th at noon.

Focus group schedule:


Year of study



Academic Bachelor Management

Year 1

TUE, 25.5.2021


Year 2

THU, 27.5.2021


Year 3

TUE, 25.5.2021


Master programme in MANAGEMENT

Year 1

TUE, 25.5.2021


Master programme in ECONOMICS AND FINANCE

Year 1

TUE, 18.5.2021





Thursday, May 13, 2021 | FM | Research

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