Guest lecturer: Ekola - let's do something goog

During our course ''Social entrepreneurship'', we had the honor to meet the owners of Ekola and to speak with Špela Bobič and Igor Pribac. Ekola (let’s do something good) is a zero-waste store based in Koper. They sell everything you need in your daily life but without any plastic packaging.


The shop started with the frustration about mozzarella and how you cannot buy it without having a lot of plastic waste. And so, the idea to start a zero-waste shop (with mozzarella of course), arose. A shop that makes it easy for people to live zero-waste and helps them do something good for the planet. That’s also what their name stands for. You can buy their products in the shop or get them delivered to your home by the owners themselves.



We wish them all the best with the shop and their future plans!

Text: Rune Stuer

Photo: Hojnik Jana, Assist. Prof.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 | FM | Education

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