In memoriam: dr. Borut Likar

Many people know Dr. Borut Likar as an outstanding academic, researcher, and inventor, but far fewer know that Borut Likar was the son of the famous Peter Likar, one of the pioneers among journalists at the then Ljubljana Television. Peter Likar had a heart and soul dedicated to promoting science, research, technological development, and environmentalism. And in many ways, Borut Likar's work continued his father's legacy into the 21st century.

A central thread of Borut's work has been the promotion of creativity and innovation - in schools, in businesses, and even at the (inter)national strategic level. He has pursued his mission in numerous research projects, teaching at university, and independently within his own company. Moreover, his commitment to innovation was often reflected in his day-to-day work tasks. On more than one occasion, when we were stuck on a task and could not see a way out, Borut would always say, kindly and encouragingly: ''Let's think a little more about whether we could have done this differently...''. And then it always turned out that there was a new possible solution.

For the last 20 years, he has been a professor at the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska. He has passed on his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of innovation and development to generations of students. His teaching usually included current project work, which was always welcomed with great enthusiasm by many students.

In the field of project work at the Faculty, Borut has always been a driving force in the role of initiator and promoter of many projects, ranging from simple professional projects to extensive and extremely complex research and development projects. Borut has been extremely dedicated to project work. I remember the countless (evening and night) hours he devoted to project work - preparing for projects, writing project applications, administering, reporting, coordinating, endless communication... all of this often went unnoticed, under-appreciated, or ignored and forgotten. Over the course of his career, he has gradually built up an unimaginably rich project network (almost a kind of mini-project council), involving researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, etc., both in Slovenia and abroad. It should be stressed that Borut has worked with some of these in a continuous professional and research capacity for 10 or more years.

Borut has also made a huge contribution at the level of the University of Primorska by chairing important committees, chairing the Academic Assembly, and publishing his contributions or appearing as a guest in numerous media, which has increased the visibility and reputation of the University.

As far back as the memory goes, Borut has always embodied the virtues of the "old school". He was tactful, truthful, and calm, never haughty or abusive, even when he found himself in the midst of very serious and challenging circumstances where he had to confront very sharp opposing views. And it was probably from his father, who was also considered to be a gentleman of refinement and prudence, that he acquired these qualities. In addition to all of Borut Likar's teaching and research achievements, these qualities are also a fine legacy and example for us younger generations.

Peter Štrukelj

An electronic book of mourning has been prepared in memory of Professor Borut Likar and will also be available in paper format.


On the occasion of the farewell of our friend, colleague, lecturer, researcher, and innovator, Professor Dr. Borut Likar from the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska, a memorial session will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 12 noon at the premises of the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska. More information here.

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