Instructions for students completing study obligations at the UP FM



From 18 May 2020, some teaching and exams, that cannot be held online, will be held at the Faculty under protective measures. 

Basic instructions are:

  • When sick stay at home.
  • Students enter and exit the faculty premises protected by a face mask, as is the case within all other enclosed spaces.
  • There must be distance of at least 1.5 meters between individuals indoors. If it is not possible to provide enough interpersonal distance, protective masks must be worn.
  • The users of the premises regularly disinfect their hands.
    Before entering the faculty premises, the student must sign an online statement that he is healthy!
  • General hygiene measures and general guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19 infection should be followed.


Only healthy students can enter the university buildings.

Students entering the faculty immediately goes into the classroom where coursework (lectures, tutorials, exam) takes place and sit on the marked seats and wait for the teacher. Seats must not be moved. Upon completion of the class or exam, the student immediately leaves the faculty. Staying on the faculty premises is not allowed.

Before entering the faculty premises for the first-time students must sign an online statement that they are healthy. The online statement is available on the main SIS entry page. To take the exams, which will be held at the faculty, please sign the statement before entering the faculty for the first time. The statement will then be recorded in the SIS / VIS system and visible on all your applications for the exams. The online statement will be valid until you are re-invited by the faculty to sign a new statement . You can find your statement to sign HERE:


Students enter the faculty premises with protective masks and are required to wear them in common areas and whenever a minimum interpersonal distance is not provided. While students sit in the classroom and a minimum interpersonal distance is guaranteed, they can take off their protective masks. They put them on again when another person approaches them at less than 1.5 meters and when leaving the classroom. Upon arrival hand disinfection is obligatory.


Lectures at the faculty will be carried out according to the specifics of the course only in individual courses of the master's study programme Economics and Finance. Students will be informed about the schedule by e-mail. All other lectures will be held ONLINE till the of the 4th quarter.

Consultation hours (for mentoring, exam viewing, etc.) are usually conducted online, but by agreement with the teacher, they can exceptionally also be held on the faculty premises. In case you set an appointment with your teacher at the faculty, all protective measures and the above instructions must be followed.


In the summer and autumn examination period, as a rule, midterm exams or final examination is carried out online. The teacher can however decide that a written exam will be held in the classroom. The form in which the final examination takes place is written on the list of examinations and in the schedule.

For foreign students, who at the time of the epidemic went home (eg. Of Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU countries) and cannot return, we will provide online exams for all courses. If the exam is in class students living in Slovenia cannot take the online exam.

Live exams are conducted only in Koper, exams for 3rd year of VS Management courses held ONLINE for students enrolled in Škofja Loka and Celje. Students who take the exams for courses of previous years of VS Management from Celje and Škofja Loka join the ONLINE or LIVE exams, which take place for students enrolled in Koper.

Online exams

Online exams are either in written or oral form, a combination of both or have a different form of assessment defined in the syllabus. For online exams the teacher sends all information and instructions about joining the exam to students no later than one day before the exam.

If you have not yet received an e-mail notification the day before the exam, please contact the teacher or the Student Affairs Office so that you can receive the appropriate instructions well in advance of the exam.

In class exams 

If the exam takes place in the classroom, students must sign an online statement in SIS, that they are healthy, before entering the faculty. To ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between students in the classroom, students will be divided into smaller groups the day before the exam. Each individual group will be assigned a time and a classroom. The list of individual groups will be published in Notices on Intranet. The notice will be named after the Course and date of the exam. It will not be possible to change groups.

Classrooms will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam, on arrival at the faculty students go directly to the classroom and sit in marked seats. Seats are not allowed to be moved. Before the exam, the teacher checks the presence of registered students and submitted online statements.

Upon entering the faculty and on the faculty premises, students adhere to all the above measures. Students in a classroom where a safety distance is provided do not need to wear masks. They put on their masks when they leave the classroom. Staying on the faculty premises after the exam is not allowed.


Theses defences are held online until the end of the academic year, according to a special protocol, coordinated by the Student Affairs Office.


Communication with the Student Affairs Office is possible via e-mail. From 1 June 2020, the Student Affairs Office will also be available by phone on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 13 pm.


In accordance with the measures to contain the COVID-19 virus, the joint UP FM and UP PEF library will be closed to users until further notice. They kindly ask you to send them an e-mail to or for emergencies. The library will respond to your requests within capabilities in accordance with the general state of the epidemic and guidelines of the University of Primorska.  

They also inform you that they will not issue reminders or charge for late fees during the measures. We recommend that you return the material when the library reopens. You can monitor the loan status via the My Library service on COBISS + and on the Mcobiss mobile application. You will be able to pick up the reserved material when the library reopens. 

They also recommend that you take advantage of the possibility of using electronic material (e-books, foreign databases and electronic journals) via remote access.


Students who do not come from EU Member States will have to spend two weeks in quarantine. The faculty will take this into account when planning study activities and within the possibilities, plan activities and obligations online.

For students who are daily migrating from EU Member States and can cross the border based on a certificate (eg Croatia), the Student Affairs Office will issue a certificate that they cross the border due to their study obligations.

For foreign students, who at the time of the epidemic went home (eg. Of Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU countries) and cannot return, we will provide online exams for all courses of the current year.


We will keep you informed of all further measures and changes via notices on the website and on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. 

All the instructions are available for download HERE (.pdf, 76KB)

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