MIC 2023

Eight billion people have inhabited the Earth since November 2022. Earth's population is confronted with global warming, the war in Ukraine is at the forefront of Europe, and poverty marks many parts of the world. It is the task and duty of the academic community to discuss future developments at the micro and macro levels. Scenarios for the future of humanity are not fixed and are unavoidable. There are many ways to work towards a future that is green, digital, and inclusive. This 'trinity' of key concepts for humanity is not sufficient but obviously a necessary condition for future life.

MIC 2023 conference aims at shedding light on a green, digital, and inclusive society. We cordially invite you, the researcher, professional, and educator, to join us and share with the MIC community your ideas, research, and scenarios from different perspectives: management, economics, organizational studies, finances and accountancy, education, or any other perspective that might contribute to fruitful, challenging, and interesting discussion. 


MIC 2023 also brings changes. This year, for the first time, we are organizing a PRE-CONFERENCE DAY designed as a one-day event for doctoral students at any stage of their doctoral studies. We want to create an inclusive environment for the exchange of questions, ideas, and feedback on some of the key issues that arise in any Ph.D. study process.

MIC 2023 pre-conference day will provide Ph.D. candidates with the opportunity to

  • discuss the research problem,
  • discuss methodological challenges,
  • give constructive feedback on another participant’s work,
  • receive feedback on their own work,
  • meet experienced researchers,
  • network with colleagues.

The pre-conference day will include presentations of your own research with time for an in-depth discussion with experienced researchers as well as workshops on publishing and research design. As part of the pre-conference day, we also plan to organize two workshops - one in the field of scientific publishing, and the second in the field of research methodology. The deadline for submitting extended abstracts for the pre-conference day is April 20, 2023. The conference will otherwise take place from June 7 – 10, 2023, in Trieste. All pre-conference participants are warmly invited to participate in MIC main conference as well. We will keep you informed about all accompanying events and opportunities for cooperation.

 The conference is organised by three partner institutions:

  • University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Slovenia;
  • University of Trieste, Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics (DEAMS), Italy;
  • Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković", Croatia.

We will keep you informed about all accompanying events and opportunities for cooperation.


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