MIC 2024 - Fostering international cooperation and sharing knowledge

June 2023 brought an exceptionally successful 22nd International Conference MIC, which this time took place as part of the international week of the European University Transform4Europe (T4EU week) at the University of Trieste.

At today's meeting, the Dean of the UP Faculty of Management, Assoc. Prof. Tatjana Horvat, together with the President of the MIC Conference, Prof. Anita Trnavčević, and the members of the Organizing Committee, Assoc. Prof. Suzana Laporšek, Assoc. Prof. Ana Grdović Gnip and Sen. Lect. Suzana Sedmak met with our partners from the University of Trieste to conduct a comprehensive review of MIC 2023, identify areas for improvement, and chart a promising path for MIC 2024. 

International conferences, such as MIC, play a crucial role in fostering global collaboration and knowledge exchange. These conferences provide researchers, experts, and students from around the world with opportunities to connect, share ideas, and learn from the best in their fields. This enables a deeper understanding of current challenges, promotes innovation, and creates avenues for lasting networking. International conferences are platforms where knowledge is disseminated, ideas circulate and lasting professional relationships are formed that can enrich research and development at a global level.

For more details on the successful MIC 2023 conference, please visit this link.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 | FM | Research

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