MIC 2024 Next Generation Challenges: Innovation, Regeneration and Inclusion

Innovation, regeneration, and inclusion are central pillars of the future agenda for strong societies and economies, as they are key to overcoming challenges and driving sustainable growth in a rapidly changing world. It is recognised by researchers and policymakers, as well as by individuals, that it is their responsibility to improve the quality of life while preserving the environment for future generations. Economies and societies must therefore plan, act, and create a future that leaves room for future generations.

The Next Generation EU instrument, an ambitious recovery plan launched by the European Union, recognises the critical role of the four pillars embedded in green and digital foundations in shaping the future. As we navigate through an ever evolving and complex world, it is crucial to address the challenges that lie ahead. Scientists and researchers have a responsibility to explore, investigate and make the world a better place.
The MIC 2024 conference aims to explore the next-generation challenges facing different industries, sectors, and fields, with a particular focus on fostering innovation, building resilience, promoting regeneration, and ensuring inclusivity - it is open to all contributions that address the next-generation challenges. The conference also aims to bring together academics, professionals, and experts from management, economics, human resource management, organizational studies, finances, accounting, and other related fields, while providing a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.


As always, MIC 2024 welcomes researchers to join the conference community, share their expertise and experience, provide new empirical evidence and engage in theoretical discussions.

Submit your abstract by March 29, 2024 HERE. It is extended to April 15, 2024!


We cordially invite you to join the MIC 2024 pre-conference day. It is designed as a one-day event for PhD students at any stage of their doctoral studies. We aim to provide an inclusive environment for sharing questions, ideas and providing feedback on some key issues that arise in any doctoral study process.

MIC 2024 pre-conference day will provide PhD candidates with the opportunity to

  • discuss the research problem,
  • discuss methodological challenges,
  • give constructive feedback on another participant’s work,
  • receive feedback on their work,
  • meet experienced researchers,
  • network with colleagues.

The pre-conference day will include presentations of your research with time for an in-depth discussion with experienced researchers as well as workshops on publishing and research design. The preliminary schedule and other informations are available HERE.

You can participate in the pre-conference day either as a presenter or listener. If you want to present and discuss your research, you should submit an extended abstract by April 15, 2024, using the online conference system. For more information, please visit the official MIC 2024 website.




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