Prof. Likar's achievement included in the "Excellence in Science 2022" selection

We are very pleased to announce the achievement of UP FM lecturer Prof. Borut Likar, entitled "Raziskave inovativnih odrezovalnih procesov zadoseganje trajnostnih in čistosti odrezovalnih in izdelovalnih procesov", has been selected as one of the "Excellence in Science 2022" achievements. The selection was prepared by the disciplines' members of the Scientific Councils and approved by the Agency's Scientific Council.

Excellent in Science is a project implemented by ARRS - the Slovenian Public Agency for Research, to promote science. It is a selection of the most outstanding achievements of the past year, proposed for approval to the ARRS Scientific Council by members of the Scientific Research Councils of individual disciplines.

The complete list of Excellence in Science 2022 achievements will be published shortly on the ARRS website. All the selected achievements of the Excellence in Science Awards are also traditionally published in their publications.

The paper is co-authored with Prof. Franci Pušavec, who is the head of the research programme "Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for High Quality and Sustainable Production", where UP FM is also a co-implementer.

Congratulations to Prof. Likar!







Thursday, December 8, 2022 | FM | Education

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