Prof. Tina Vukasovič on the new age of luxury: from material goods to personal transformation

We want to share an article published in the Nedeljski dnevnik, Nika supplement, under Luxury in Slovenia, entitled "No more material objects, rather experiences, and personal transformation". Prof. Tina Vukasović writes about this and much more.

This article by a UP FM lecturer reveals the evolution of the concept of luxury, which ranges from simple material goods to an emphasis on experiences and personal growth. Prof. Tina Vukasović explains that luxury can be understood in different ways, depending on the context and the subjective experiences of the consumer. Lara Ham, the owner of the Quintessentially Club license, adds that contemporary luxury is expressed through unique and tailored experiences that go beyond traditional material acquisitions. Consumers are looking for something deeper that will enrich their lives, whether through experiencing the culture of their chosen destination or finding inspiration for personal growth.

The article also reveals the differences between women's and men's perceptions of luxury. According to the European Travel Commission, the number of affluent women is increasing, reflecting the demand for luxury wellness holidays and women-only hotel offers. Men, on the other hand, remain loyal to sports tourism and prestigious sporting events. In Slovenia, luxury consumption is also expressed through local cuisine and contact with nature, which further underlines the specificity of Slovenian perceptions of prestige.

The article offers an insight into current trends in luxury, ranging from prestigious travel and exclusive experiences to high-end gastronomy and art. The changing definition of luxury encourages us to reflect on what constitutes prestige in the modern world.

You are invited to read the article HERE.

Friday, April 5, 2024 | FM | Education

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