SMeART - project ending with the SMeART University-Business Cooperation Model and Guidelines

SMeART is the short name for the project Knowledge Alliance for Upskilling Europe‘s SMEs to meet the challenges of Smart Engineering. This 3-year project within the Erasmus+ programme Knowledge Alliances aimed to provide Europe’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the engineering sector with practical tools to support them during the transition to smart industry.



15 partners from 7 EU member states (from industry and HEIs) were participating in the project. In addition, 72 associate partners were also participating (firms, industry chambers/unions, public agencies, HEIs, business parks, innovation centers etc.). From FM UP, the following professors were actively participating in the project, mainly in the role of evaluation experts: prof. dr. Borut Likar, prof. dr. Roberto Biloslavo, assist. prof. dr. Aleš Lipnik, assoc. prof. dr. Aleksander Janeš and assist. prof. dr. Peter Štrukelj. Their main task was an elaboration of evaluation methodology and thereupon, an evaluation of key project results and activities. As a result, the FM UP acquired additional evaluation competencies and international references.


Project partner meeting in Alkmaar in November 2018. From FM UP, dr. Borut Likar was participating at the event.


Key project results were: SMeART ‘EU Compass for Smart Engineering Policies and Initiatives’, SMeART University-Business Cooperation Model and Guidelines, SMeART Stress Test Tool and set-up of SMeART online Learning and Exchange Platform (almost 400 members worldwide).

Many students from FM and FHŠ were involved in the project, under the guidance of lector Martina Zajc (FHŠ UP). They translated SMeART University-Business Cooperation Model and Guidelines (one of key project results) from English original into Slovene – in this way, they acquired new professional and translation competencies. In the following months, this translation will be published also as a scientific monograph and will be available to wider Slovenian academic and business public.


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Authors: dr. Peter Štrukelj, dr. Borut Likar

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