UP FM CRPZ: The best invention of UP 2022

The Center for Development and Knowledge Transfer of the University of Primorska (CRPZ UP FM) is organizing the competition THE BEST INVENTION of UP 2022.

The purpose of the competition is to promote innovation among researchers, educators and other employees at the University of Primorska. At the same time, the purpose of the competition is to identify inventions at UP and the selection for the BEST INVENTION UP 2022. The competition offers an opportunity to promote the integration of UP with the economy in the region and beyond, promote new business ideas and commercialize knowledge.

Why register an invention? Due to the possibility of assessing the market potential of the invention and the possibility of co-financing the costs of patent application and maintenance.

Employed researchers and pedagogical workers and other employees of the University of Primorska can apply for the competition.

To get more informations on the matter send an e-mail to info@crpz.upr.si.

The application for the competition runs from 21 March 2022 to 22 April 2022.

Registration of the invention for the Competition for the BEST INVENTION UP 2022 takes place via the online form.


Thursday, March 17, 2022 | FM | Research

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